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Paris this Ain´t....

really... but it´s great

20 °C

Well before you chew my ass off for the heading of this blog, let me explain, and before I tell you why I should say I did have quite the walk aroudn Recoleta yesterday, which is one of the ritziest areas of th is city. So why did I title this blog?

Well the residents of this city are called Porteños and besides many things like food and wine they love their dogs. Yes, yesterday I saw everything from Apso Lapsos ( do I have that right?) to Wiemereimers and Whippets and everything between all sizes. Now what I didn´t see was.... yes you got it POOP... no evidence of dog poop. NOW that is what makes it not Paris. Although I haven´t been I have been to the "other" Paris impersonator, that being Prague and when I was there it was dog poop dodgem time, where like here those residents love their dogs, but not enough to clean up after them.
Well so far I have only seen one small part of the city and it is clean and vibrant.
So yesterday I decided to carry on like a normal day, even though I had almost no sleep in 24 hours and added to that a small 4 hour jet lag. Had a small siesta in my room and wondered around.
At first when I thought I would take nothing and look like a porteño. After seeing the sights I had to go back to the hotel room and get my camera... it was a great day.
So what did I see.. well I saw life for the locals. In fact I acted like one and sat in one of their outdoor cafes and had a beer in a microbrewery. I had an india pale ale in fact. As I was sitting in the bright sun of a beautiful day I did have a chuckle though, thinking that the spanish perfected fortifying wine as a means of transporting their tipple around the world and the brits, hell they just added more hops to their beer to send it to India, called it IPA and here I was sipping it.
Anyway the outdoor cafe was just outside of the Recoleta Cemetary. If one can call it a cemertary. OK this is not supposed to be rude or offensive, but man those Catholics are crazy. Row or should I say street upot street of mausoleums. All with the most ornate marble carvings.. crazy. But is was such a great way to get into the feel of the city. It´s history and culture. It´s reverence for religion, pomp and ceremony. While I was there some late porteño was just being buried and there are hoards of tourists pouring into the cemetary, dressed like tourists cameras in hand surrounding a hoard of well heeled and well dressed citizens burying one of their own, quite the spectacle really.
The rest of the afternoon was whiled away by strolling the streets and getting a feel for this part of the city.
The evenings highlight was a small nap before supper which was at a parilla (pronounced paree sha ) which is the Argentinian basic grill. THe food was good I had rib steaks, which seemed very similar to the Korean rib steaks sold in Superstore back home. The highlight really was that , well guess there were two. One is that if you order steak you get steak. Nothing ELSE... so luckily I ordered mixed salad and fries. But the real taste highlight was the argentinian grappa I ordered with my espresso coffee.. it was soooo yummy will make a note to bring some home.
Well today will see me visit the touristy part of town, I may find the bike rental place and go on a tour.
More later
hasta luego

Posted by Suraza 10:03

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