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Well I thought I would write a short blog on the highlight of my trip so far. The things good and bad and those that stand out.
So hopefully the blog title has you intrigued.. so I´ll leave that story to last.
Of course the big one for me is being pickpocketed in an internet cafe at 10 in the morning and there were only 3 people in the joint. The guy was good and I paid about $30 for a lesson in care.. fairlyl cheap but it´s made me paranoid for sure.
Next, because I have been blessed with so much travel.. street hustlers are pretty easy for me to ignore.. on my first day in Buenos Aires some guy in a uniform approached me for money, wearing some kind of faded blue vest and approached me with some crazy photocopied piece of paper saying he was collecting money for charity. The charity being helping people in hospitals with no money. Told him I had been robbed and had no money... I was sitting on a bench and just wanted to observe the square, an historic square called Plaza de San Vincente.
THe next day I was there.. he approached me again with a smile asking for money.. I walked past him and told him no.. he continued then yelled " It was good that you were robbed" mmmm so much for charitable works.
Then there was Sula the grandma from Israel travelling on her own that I met in Igauzu and we toured for the morning before she left. She had a lot of ¨jewish¨humour sayings and one of them was that her father told her if an Argentinian didn´t eat meat for 3 days he would have to cut his finger to see blood... YIKES.. but one should see the size of great gobs of meat served in a parrilla ... different kinds of meat and a lot of it... served at the table once cooked in a hibachi with coals to keep it warm and keep the bbq taste.
I wont forget argentine pedestrians. The drivers here are insane.. driving as fast as they can.. the pedestrians well they are pedestrian.. walk slowly take up the whole sidewalk.. but NEVER NEVER give way (maybe that is the lesson from their driving?)... it is totally frustrating to walk when there are crowds.. they positively amble.
Resaurant service here is crisp.. you get a menu and served right away.. things come as fast as one wants them... bbq meats take a little longer.. but then you get to the part of paying... and almost nothing will get the servers attention.. they are quite happy for you just to sit... in fact in one coffee shop I saw a "gang" of elederly ladies practicing origami... without a coffee cup in sight.. they were there all the time I was drinking coffee.. and showed no signs of going.
And I do have to say though it´s funnny here.. the locals and tourists mingle quite easily... no problesm.. I was in a 150 year old cafe called Cafe Tortoni and there wre tourists with camera flashing away and there were old guys who were about as aged and faded as the furnture and decorations.. gesticulating over coffee without a mind to the tourists.. gives the place a great feel, and Argentinians are very warm people. I am learning though that Buenos Aires is virtually another country within a country.
all for now.. catching the bus back to Buenos Aires the on to El Calafate for my hike.
And now for the funny one.. I was touring around BA and went to the botanical gardens.. they have incredible species there.. and it was full of people being a spring day.
I walked past a few women in their bathing suits.... sitting in the sun.. and couple of families with kids and a picnic.. then I see two "super" mall cops.. in their uniforms.. rushing accross.. and there is this old guy with his shirt off... grey haired and a beard.. jeans on and had his shirt off in the sun.. Well I guess they told him to put his shirt on.. THEN the war was on..shouting and threatening.. eventually this old guy had to leave.... guess those were the rules no topless.. male or female.. but if you are a women.. a bathing suit is ok.. GO FIGURE....
hasta luego

Posted by Suraza 11:38 Archived in Argentina

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